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Interested in buying alpacas? Here's a sample of what we have available. More alpacas are available for you at the farm, and we will be happy to show them to you.

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Bred Females

ARI# 833706
DOB 14 September 2001
Dam: Elianore VAC
Sire: Don Marcos
Color: White
Bred to: Lindor for an early summer '06 cria.
Huacaya Female.

The first cria of our stud, Don Marcos, Edelweiss is a Bueno granddaughter. Her maternal grandfather is Pachacuti. With a beautiful crimp and very fine fiber, she is an award-winning addition to your herd! Her first cria is a beautiful white male that has already won a number of awards of his own.


Fabiana Tag No 959
ARI # 803918
DOB 03 August 1997
Dam: Paola Tag # 523
Sire: import
Color: White
Bred to: Chamonix for a spring '05 cria
Huacaya Female

As an Australian import, Fabiana is a wonderful way to add diversity to your herd. Fabiana is a great Mom and is always a top producer of dense, white fiber, which she passes on to her crias. She is the Mom of our award-winning herdsire, Lindor, who consistently places first in the fleece class and always takes ribbon in the halter shows, including first place at the 2004 AOBA National Conference.


Engadine - Camels Hump Alpaca FarmEngadine
ARI # 841795
DOB 31 August 2002
Dam: Elianore VAC
Sire: Don Marcos
Color: White
Bred to: Lindor for a spring '07 cria.
Huacaya Female

Engadine is the granddaughter of both Bueno through her father and 4Peruvian Pachacuti through her mother. This carefully selected combination produced everything that we had hoped for. We also look forward to seeing what the next generation will bring.


ARI # 815731
DOB 19 August 1998
Dam: PPPeruvian Echum
Sire: 4Peruvian Pachacuti
Color: White
Bred to: Lindor for a spring '07 cria.
Huacaya Female

Elianore is bred to our blue ribbon Lindor, sure to produce another winner. Elianore is a sweet, beautiful alpaca that passes on all of her wonderful traits to her offspring.


6 Peruvian Sunspot
ARI #235970
DOB 07 November 1999
Dam: 6Peruvian Sunburst
Sire: 6Peruvian Royal Gold
Color: White
Bred to: Don Marcos for a summer '05 cria
Huacaya Female

Sunspot and Don Marcos created a beautiful girl last year that won many ribbons in the competitive white classes in which she was entered. We are sure that this next cria will do the same.

Junior Herdsires


St. Anton - Camels Hump Alpaca FarmSt. Anton
ARI# 841794
DOB 08 September 2002
Dam: Angelina
Sire: Don Marcos
Color: Beige
Huacaya Male

Anton has incredibly soft and fine, crimpy fiber and he is growing into a very fine looking male. Get him while he's young! He's sure to grow into a great herdsire.

Pet Quality Alpacas

Carlos De Las Montanas Verdes
ARI# 833961
DOB 15 August 2001
Dam: Fabiana Tag. #959
Sire: Peruvian Sugarbush
Color: White
Huacaya Male

Carlos is a nice, friendly male with very fine, dense fiber. He would make a great fiber animal for someone interested in an inexpensive fiber animal, as he possesses some of the finest fiber in our barn. His conformation just did not match up to our high herdsire standards.



Furdinand - Camels Hump Alpaca FarmFurdinand
ARI# 819685
DOB 10 April 2000
Dam: BD Emily
Sire: NZ Maori Magic
Color: Black
Huacaya Male

Furdy is a very sweet male that is always the first to greet us when we enter the barn. He would make a great pet or companion animal.


Tetuan - Camels Hump Alpaca FarmTetuan El Boliviano NT1033 TBS
ARI# 816298
DOB: 30 April 1999
Dam: Beryl ET022
Sire: Bolivian Black Magic B165
Color: Beige
Suri Gelding

Tetuan "the bold" would make a great companion animal for another alpaca. He is the first to sound the warning call when any animal comes near the fence. His fleece is silky and soft, yet is a gelding primarily due to the lack of coverage on his legs.


ARI # 833707
DOB 31 August 2000
Dam: Elianore VAC
Sire: Rocky Run's Ernesto
Color: Medium Fawn
Huacaya Male

Toby has very light brown dense fiber and is very gentle. He would make a great fiber pet animal.

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