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A Silver Lining For Latitude 15
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Latitude 15/X-Static
at our farm store.

NEW! Latitude 15 now features X-Static - the silver fiber, a high performance fiber system made with pure silver.

The Latitude 15 lining is now a blend of a moisture management fiber and X-Static. This unique combination provides the wearer with a base layer which has the following natural characteristics:

  • Moisture Management: Moisture is wicked away from the wearer.
  • Anti-Odor: Inhibits the growth of bacteria + fungi in the product thus neutalizing odor causing ammonia+denatured proteins.
  • Thermodynamic: Regulates temperature - so you will stay cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter.
  • Anti-Static: Reduces electrostatic discharge to keep you more comfortable.

X-Static is safe, natural, and will last for the life of the product.


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Camel's Hump Alpaca Farm now offers a farm store filled with beautifully soft, warm alpaca items for everyone in the family, located in our big gray barn on Main Road in Huntington. Come see the alpacas and discover the amazing products that can be made with their fleece. Featuring the Alpaca Fiber Co-op of North America's "Americas Alpaca" line and the Fenwick Collection, we have everything from hats to sweaters, finger puppets to teddy bears, socks to scarves, and of course our own Latitude 15 performance shirts that are described below.


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The Ultimate In Natural Underwear

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Latitude 15 is a base layer pullover for the outdoor sports enthusiast. The Latitude 15 base layer provides lightweight warmth with moisture, antistatic, heat conductivity and odor management.


The face of the Latitude 15 is designed for technical and fashionable appearance. The fabric face is a blend of the finest natural fibers -- silk and baby alpaca. The backing is a blend of Xstatic, a silver fiber providing moisture, odor management, and static elimination resulting in magnetic benefits for circulation and reduced swelling.


The Latitude 15 base layer pullover has been designed to provide a comfortable interface in a knitted "next to skin" base layer. Latitude 15 has been engineered and designed by David Stensland of a Craftsman's Touch Alpaca Co., one of
America's top sweater designers, whose credits include Alpaca Fiber Coop of North America, Polo, and Niklaus.

The Market:

The Market for Latitude 15 is the established outerwear market. The top tier of this marketplace is lead by "extreme sports" which include skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, climbing, big game hunting, biking, para-sailing, and sky or bungee jumping, etc. In this top tier market- where one will find the best conditioned and demanding of athletes that the Latitude 15 base layer is addressed. Latitude 15 is now the leading "state of the art" fiber combination for natural outerwear.

Price: $169 each or
$150 at the barn


Download Latitude 15
in PDF

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Latitude 15 performance shirts are available at our farm store and by phone order. Wholesale inquiries welcome. Please contact us for more information.

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